From Crosstown Publishing: ‘A Beer Drinker’s Guide To Knowing And Enjoying Fine Wine’


Beer drinkers do love their pale ales and golden lagers, their IPAs, bocks, and Weissbiers, their tasty dubbels and rich oatmeal stouts. Yet, in growing numbers, members of this 80 million strong, suds-lovers’ fraternity are reaching for a good bottle of wine, either to accompany or in lieu of their beer purchases.

While beer consumption has remained flat for the past decade, fine wine sales have jumped by 50%; Gallup tells us that wine, for the first time, equals beer as America’s preferred alcoholic beverage. To the chagrin of the French (long time leader in this category) the United States is now the #1 wine consuming nation in the world.

Wine bars are the new “in” spots and they’re everywhere, in cities large and small, in towns, resorts and hidden hamlets across the country. Women drinkers, by a margin of 2:1 prefer wine over beer or spirits. And their beer drinking husbands and boyfriends are taking notice.

What perfect timing for this friendly, arm-around-the-shoulder volume that educates and enlightens from a beer drinker’s point of view. No snotty disquisition, no highfaluting monologues or dense schoolbook lessons. This debut offering from Crosstown Publishing clears a quick and easy path through the world of wine-geekdom.


“Jim Laughren’s no-nonsense approach to these two marvelous beverages leaves no room for swill, yet elevates both great beer and exceptional wine to the levels they deserve.”

                              -Jeff Erway, President and Head Brewer, La Cumbre Brewing Company


Wine styles, varietals, tasting techniques, scoring approaches and major international regions are all subtly absorbed into the reader’s mind, hidden among nuggets of beer references, the secret tips for appearing more wine knowledgeable than you really are, the tricks to decoding winespeak, ways to enhance one’s wine “coolness” quotient, and much more.

Author Jim Laughren, CWE, is a wine expert, consultant and collector, as well as a budding, but committed, beer aficionado. For thirty years he has been sampling and acquiring fine wines from around the world. He is the former president of a wine import and distribution company, and is both a Certified Wine Educator and a Spanish Wine Educator who loves nothing more than sharing his passion, and a good bottle of fine wine, with others.

The market for this volume includes not only beer drinkers themselves, but friends, family or co-workers seeking the ideal gift. And of course, novice wine drinkers looking for a bit more insight will find this book invaluable. In addition to the usual outlets, interested buyers can purchase directly from the publisher here.


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About The Author

Jim Laughren, CWE, loves wine. He has for a very long time. Known for his irreverent approach and abiding enthusiasm for all things fermented, he is president of Chicago-based WineHead Consulting, a Certified Wine Educator and former importer-distributor of fine wines from around the world. He loves nothing more than sharing his passion for excellent wine with others, whether through wine lists, tastings, trainings or in the pages of A BEER DRINKERS GUIDE TO KNOWING & ENJOYING FINE WINE.