Crosstown Publishing is interested in growing, and finding and promoting great manuscripts. Although we can be ridiculously picky, if you feel that you have an exceptional work, fiction or non-fiction, you might want to consider us.

But… it’s almost certain that we will pay you no advance. Not that we wouldn’t like to, but the economics of being a small, start-up publisher just don’t allow it.

Instead, we will actively market your book. We simply don’t believe in the one-season-only-catalog-listing-with-hundreds-of-competing-titles as a reasonable, intelligent or effective way to sell books. We’ll expect you to participate, and to consider our suggestions, but we will not expect you to handle all of the marketing duties—unlike many of the “big” publishers who give your book a very short time to sink or swim and expect you to hire the publicist, arrange and pay for a book tour, etc.

So you won’t be the flavor of this month and gone the next.

And speaking of months, we’ll try to get your completed manuscript turned into a published book in 6 to 8 months, not one to two years as you will find with the big boys. As far as fiction is concerned, we are most interested in edgy, thought-provoking, soul-searching, foundation-rattling, gut-wrenching literary or contemporary fiction. Or perhaps a great mystery, or even a series.

In the non-fiction arena we’d like to see unusually innovative wine, beer, spirits, lifestyle, and business titles. Or anything else that catches our eye and feeds a reader’s intellect and curiosity.

We are less interested in your platform—though it’s a definite plus if you have a website, blog, or whatever, and a bunch of followers to boot—than in your credibility. Meaning that if you have real and legitimate experience or expertise in an area or subject matter, that means more to us than a web presence with little to back it up.

If you’re still reading and you have something worthwhile, either a completed fiction manuscript or an in-depth non-fiction proposal with a table of contents, sample chapters, and author bio, please DO NOT mail them to us. Instead, keep them in a safe place and send a brief e-mail by visiting our Contact pagetelling us a bit about your project and why you think it should see the light of day. (And NO attachments) We’d rather begin a conversation. We don’t like the one-shot-or-nothing query letter. It’s a foolish way to judge an entire work of authorship and we’d prefer not to play that game.

So … let’s talk.