Jim Laughren loves wine. He has for a very long time. He’s a wine collector of long standing, former president of a Florida-based wine import and distribution company, and founder of the Chicago-based consulting firm, WineHead Consulting.

“Way back when, in the days of roommates and communal dinners, I’d often put together a pot of spaghetti and red sauce (that and scrambled eggs being my entire culinary repertoire) and serve it along with a jug of California’s best.

“Even though jug wine was jug wine—the Hearty Burgundy most certainly contained not a drop of Pinot Noir, while the Chianti and California Red were probably blends of Carignan, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah—it managed to sink its vinous hooks into my palate and its taste, tannins and alcoholic buzz into my memories of good times.

“Who would have guessed that a lifelong love of fermented grape juice would come from such suspect beginnings? And yet it did, and one of my great pleasures is passing along my passion for wine to new groups and generations of wine drinkers and explorers.”


He holds the designation of Certified Wine Educator and has conducted many teachings, tastings and training sessions, and has visited wine regions in North and South America and Europe, and hopes to get his bones to Greece, Australia and New Zealand while he’s still young enough to drink without dribbling.

We’ll see if he makes it.

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